Anne Dorko is making original music.

Support a queer folk-pop-rock artist making theatrical songs with big feelings inspired by TTRPG, fantasy, and real life.

Your perks include...

  • Unreleased TTRPG songs
  • 20+ released song downloads
  • Podcast downloads
  • Private blog posts
  • Discord server flair
  • Sponsor credit on releases *

* Hero tier only

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A taste of what you’re funding:

Original Music

Fully produced songs go live on Spotify and most other music streaming platforms!

TTRPG Themes

Anne hosts a TikTok series writing songs for people’s TTRPG characters.

Live Streams

Anne occasionally streams chatting, music, and D&D on TikTok and Twitch.

Unpublished Music

Anne makes a lot of music and doesn't always publish it, but shares it here.

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