At first I thought
It sounds fun
To go see somewhere new
But the stories you tell
The yarns you have spun
All ring a little too true
In all that you describe
I don't think
I would survive

Is what you need
And I can't be
To tame the beast
And take the lead

I'll toast to your health
Good fortune, great wealth
As you go upon your way
You can just leave me here
Cause my greatest fear
Is to find an early grave
For all that I have said
This one thing
You cannot forget

Is what you need
And I can't be
To find the strength
To face the heat

Ordinary people living
Average ordinary lives
Ordinary people handling
Average ordinary strife
I finally looked around
And I'm surprised to find
Average ordinary people
Holding back the fire
Maybe I can be

It's not a dream
I choose to be
I'll find my place
I'll find my beat
It's what you need
And I will be
To tame the fire
To bring the heat

Writers: Anne Dorko

A hero's journey concept album transporting you on your very own adventure from the ordinary world to the call and refusal of adventure, and beyond. The 10-song story is being released starting Spring 2023.

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