I'm gonna put on a show
So good you have to let go
Of everything that you thought you knew
You believe what I tell you to
Do what I want you to do
(Yeah, just like that)

Enemies beware
I can cut you like a sword
With just a silly little word
And there's nothing more delightful

Friends, you best believe
You can always count on me
I can lift you up to wherever you wanna be
I'm that insightful
(I got you covered)

After all this time
This is what I find

The spice of life is in the variety
It ignites all the passion deep inside of me
Let me light inside of you
The tales we'll make are in the unfolding
The dawn it breaks
Who are you holding
Let me hold a part of you

Writers: Anne Dorko

Bards are witty and insightful with tongues as sharp as knives. Whether your bard plays lute or gives rousing speeches, they may find themselves reflected in this theme!

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